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How big is the Photo Booth?

The photo booth is approximately 41/2 feet wide x 6 feet long and it is 6 1/2 feet tall. The photo booth will take up approximately 3 1/2″ by 5 1/2″ of floor space. We also setup a prop table which is 2 1/2 feet by 6 ft. In total we would like to have 8x8 ft of space to allow for comfortable space for your guest to enter and exit the booth.


Are there limitations as to where the photo booth can be set-up?

No major limitations! We need a solid dry space and a regular 3 prong power outlet (like the one found in your home or office), ideally within few feet to eliminate running excessive extension cords, but can easily run extensions if needed. Outdoor settings are just fine as long as weather permits. Please note that the sunshine may play a role in picture quality and light settings inside the booth as the sun moves, usually not a major issue. 


Will there be someone at the event such as an attendant to maintain the photo booth?

Yes. Professional, friendly and uniformed attendants will monitor the booth for the entire event and make sure your guests are assisted as needed. 


What if I want more than one copy of the images from the event?

Not a problem. We offer double prints of all images for only a low flat fee of $50.00. 2x6 photo strips come in double prints for free!


How much time is needed to set up and take down the photo booth?

We would like to have one hour for setup and about 25 mins for take-down. Setup and take-down is free and done on our own time and does not interfere with your booking hours.                    


Frequently Asked Questions

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